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CHICO SWORDFIGHTING @ My Fencing Center has moved!!

Posted on April 2nd, 2018 at 8:20 am, in Uncategorized

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don’t know why I have waited so long to publish this (though some have probably figured it out) but CHICO SWORDFIGHTING at MY FENCING CENTER is MOVING!!!
From its start in humble roots of the recreation department building we have been at our present warehouse location for almost 4 years.
It has been a great place to start being independent but was difficult in certain weather, and the wind banging the roll up doors was so annoying and this year we have had mosquitos since December.
however its been home.Its hard to leave what you know to venture off. Its been difficult finding a location that could be afforded but adding higher visibility and getting rid of non regulated temperature control and parking lot battles.
I am ever grateful to Grahm’s parents for finding our Phase two warehouse. We were able to grow by leaps and bounds. I am always in awe of the support I get from parents in the club.
I am now adding my gratitude for Amy Cox who has been my friend from before fencing, has now fenced and has had all her kids fencing but due to her mad skills at commercial real estate found our new location.
It will be a while before its “home” but it has so much promise.I know as soon as I can slap some paint on the walls Ill be happy.
What all of us have been most sad about is leaving behind the beautiful artwork of the talented Matt Jarrett. Seriously the kids told me to cut out the logo from the wall and put up new sheet rock so we could save it. We did take photos and will attempt to have a photo made or a banner so we can bring it forth with us into our Phase three at the new location.
Classes will be expanding as we anticipate our new growth. Though it seems in someways that Im starting over again, I know this time it won’t take so long to make the financial burden of this move go away and we will look to the future of when we can grow to the point of affording a building like the old Hollywood Video!
Our new address is : 986 East Ave set C-1. Down the street from Burger King and the old Chuckee Cheese building we are next the Laundramat. Signage will be up soon. From the other directions we are right next to the left side of McMannus school


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